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Birds That Talk- 15 Different Types of Talking Birds

Birds That Talk

what is the name of the bird that talks

what is the name of the bird that talks

Birds That Talk  are the sole animal capable of imitating human speech. There is only a tiny number of birds that talk and they’re able to talk due to their superior brain structures and intelligence.

Parrots are among the most advanced talking birds, including African grays Eclectus Parrots and Amazon parrots. While their capabilities aren’t quite like parrots ravens, crows, and crows Australian stars, magpies and mockingbirds can speak. Myna birds mimic human speech and can speak around 100 words.

Birds can understand human speech when they see specific words repeatedly. You can train the bird you love to speak through a consistent schedule of regular training and encouraging your bird to mimic what it is hearing.

Why Can Some Birds Talk?

Birds can talk since the brain structure of their species is like human brains. Two of the most important components are:

  • Cerebellum
  • Cortex

The cortex is responsible for the perception of sensory information, memory, and language The cerebellum is responsible for the voluntary functions of motor control. Both brain regions function in conjunction and allow birds to speak.

Since the cortex and cerebellum are separate from each other, they’re linked by an interconnected neural network known as the pontine nuclei. It communicates information between them.

Researchers from the University of Alberta. University of Alberta has proposed that parrots, particularly, have huge pontine nuclei. This is the reason they can communicate in the same manner as humans.

But, they quickly realized that this was not the case and discovered that in place of pontine nuclei they have a medial spiral nucleus that performs the same job and is only present in birds.

Researchers also observed a link between the dimensions of the cortex and the medial spiniform nucleus. This provides birds with the chance to progress in being proficient in their vocal learning and speakers.

The cells of birds are located within the pallium. They are the white and grey substance that covers the top of the cerebellum. Birds that talk have more than the ones that don’t which gives them their mimic capabilities.

Why Do Birds Talk?

Animals learn to imitate the human language and phrases since they consider their hosts as part of the family and are eager to join in.

Birds communicate with other parrots via noises as well as calls. A part of the group provides birds with a higher chance of survival because they are protected from predators, and also lets them forage in the same area for food.

How Do Birds Talk Without Vocal Cords?

Birds don’t have mouths, teeth, or vocal cords that’s why it’s amazing that they mimic human speech. Since parrots do not contain the vocal cords and cannot speak, they aren’t able to talk however they can imitate the sounds they hear.

As opposed to vocal cords the birds possess a voice organ within their breasts called a Syrinx. It is a muscular filled cavity that is filled with fluid within the brain or spinal cord located at the base of the trachea.

Each syrinx’s branch is equipped with a valve that operates independently and allows birds to create distinct sounds by altering the syrinx’s shape and depth.

Why Can Birds Talk and Not Other Animals?

None of the other mammals on earth can imitate human speech. This is due to how the medial nucleus has been developed and how insufficiently developed the pontine nuclei rare among mammals.

In contrast to other animals, birds connect the sensory inputs through the cortex with the motor control function that the cerebellum performs to imitate what they perceive.

Do Birds Understand Us?

Although birds are renowned for their ability to mimic, it’s likely to be unable to comprehend the significance behind the meanings of the words and phrases they use.

When owners interact frequently with their pets they might gain a sense of context, however, this comes from the behavior of the bird instead of an understanding of the significance.

When you say “hello” to your bird as you enter an area it will be taught to repeat it each time you walk into the room. It will appear as if the bird is aware of exactly what “hello” means, but truthfully, it knows the right time to say it.

Certain birds can hold conversations with their owners. This doesn’t necessarily mean that the bird is aware of the meaning behind what they’re saying.

What Are the Different Talking Bird Species?

While not many species of birds can mimic humans’ speech patterns, they aren’t the sole birds that can talk. Some birds that talk aren’t the ideal companions, however, it’s quite impressive to see that they can do it.

If you’re curious about what birds are the most talkative We’ve compiled an alphabetical list of talking birds below:

Can Crows Talk?

what is the smallest bird that can talk

what is the smallest bird that can talk

Crows possess similar mimicking abilities to parrots.

It’s not likely that you’ll encounter the wild crows that talk, captive crows and birds who spend time with humans can mimic phrases and words.

The most vocal crows are found in zoos and other wildlife centers. They usually speak to each other, but they also use their mimicking skills.

Crows have a good memory and can recognize faces, which is the reason they can mimic human speech. They also reacted loudly when other crows are killed, which shows the power of their brains.

As per the Corvid Research researchers presented large-billed crows in the playback of a familiar and foreign language. They found that they were able to recognize human languages without any training.

Can Ravens Talk?

blue birds that talk

blue birds that talk

Ravens are among the most intelligent birds around the world.

In the confinement facility, ravens can be taught to talk. They can also imitate sounds like animal calls flushing, car engine sounds, and the beeps of appliances.

Ravens can sing about 100 words per. Ravens also possess deep voices which can be used to sing and mimic animal sounds.

Alongside their conversations, ravens make the below sounds:

  • A few shrill, short calls
  • Calls that are deep and raspy
  • Sound of rapid knocking
  • Bill snapping

Wild ravens won’t understand human words and phrases, like crows but ravens at zoos or wildlife centers can. The more you talk to ravens then the more likely it is to imitate the words you’re using.

Can Myna Birds Talk?

the bird that talks

the bird that talks

Mynas are softball-loving birds that belong to the family of starlings. The hill myna as well as the common myna are two of the most popular types of pet birds, the latter more commonly seen in the Western part of the globe.

Mynas not only make noises and screech and scream, but they also mimic human speech clearly and concisely making their talents in the same category as parrots. They can mimic up to 100 words, however, it requires repetition and perseverance.

But, certain myna bird species have a larger vocabulary than other birds. Speaking using your voice with expression could help them build their vocabulary.

Establishing the foundation of a solid connection before teaching your bird can be an effective method of training since it’ll be more inclined to imitate what you say.

The majority of mynas begin to say the initial “hello” at around 3-4 months. Therefore, you can develop your capabilities from this point.

Can Starlings Talk?

 parrot pet birds that talk

parrot pet birds that talk

European starlings are more sophisticated than other birds.

They’re considered to be invading species, which is why they’re allowed to keep as pets for as long as they’re rescued and not purchased.

Starlings not only talk and imitate the sound of animals like goats, frogs, as well as cats. They also mimic household sounds, like alarms and the beeps of appliances.

Starlings mimic to defend their territories and impress potential mates by incorporating a variety of sounds in their songs.

Can Mockingbirds Talk?

pet birds that talk for sale

pet birds that talk for sale

The scientific name of mockingbirds Mimes polyglots translates to “mimic of many tongues.”

Northern mockingbirds may not be as proficient in imitating speech as ravens, parrots, and crows. However, captive mockingbirds can mimic human voices.

Males sing and mimic more than females, and boast the most vocal sounds. This is because males have to attract females to mate and achieve this by using their vocal skills.

Can Lyrebirds Talk?

best bird for a pet that talks

best bird for a pet that talks

Lyrebirds can mimic any human sound, including speech chainsaws, car engines, and even music. They don’t just replicate these sounds, but they can do it accurately.

Even lyrebirds which are not in the wild, but can interact with humans, imitate human speech. They can listen to humans around them and imitate their vocal pitch and words.

There are two major kinds of lyrebirds: Superb and Albert. Superb lyrebirds are larger however, Albert lyrebirds possess better-mimicking abilities.

Can Australian Magpies Talk?

what are the birds that talk

what are the birds that talk

Australian magpies live within proximity to humans and mimic speech.

You aren’t allowed to keep Australian magpies for pets, and it’s also illegal to trade magpies outside of Australia. They are however commonly seen in zoos, habitats for humans, and wildlife parks.

Magpies are also able to recognize the faces of animals and humans which proves the effectiveness of their memory.

Can Parrots Talk?

As previously mentioned in the previous paragraph, parrots are amongst the best avian talking animals. Parrots aren’t all able to mimic however, those that can are adept at it. The following species of parrots are the best communicators:

African Grey Parrots

birds that talk for sale near me

birds that talk for sale near me

African greys are among the most effective talking parrots. Timneh African greys begin mimicking before Congo African greys.

A study conducted in Applied Animal Behavior Science found that they can use human speech the same way as infants. They are not only able to communicate basic commands, but they are also able to recall and even recite numbers.

Their exceptional cognitive abilities make them popular pets. This is the reason they’re considered to be Einsteins of the world of parrots.

Certain African grey parrots accumulate an impressive vocabulary of more than 100 languages, which they use when conversing with their owner.

It’s not even a lot of training to improve their mimicry skills up to this level. Simply turning off the television or radio around your African gray will help it to learn the new vocabulary and terms.

Amazon Parrots

are parrots the only birds that talk

are parrots the only birds that talk

Amazon parrots are a lot of fun and friendly. They’re also great vocalists and talkers, accumulating an impressive vocabulary of words, which showcases their ability to mimic human speech.

Amazon parrots have sweeter, softer voices than the majority of birds. This is why they can sing so beautifully.

They learn phrases and words quickly without any education. If the owners invest time in training to talk, their abilities will improve.

The blue-fronted Amazon parrots are among the most advanced speakers of their species. They not only mimic very well, but they also have human-like voices. Other great Amazon parrots include:

  • Yellow-crowned Amazon parrot
  • Two yellow heads Amazon parrot
  • Yellow-napped Amazon parrot

While Amazon parrots are skilled speakers, they are not all of them will learn the same amount of phrases and words. Some are more difficult to master than others, and some will not pick up any phrases at all.


bird that talks like a human

bird that talks like a human

Cockatiels are a calmer parrot species than other species. They don’t have the large range of vocabulary that Amazon parrots or African greys.

They will be able to recognize basic phrases and words, like “hello” and “pretty bird.” The fewer the syllables that you’ll be able to teach them, the better your pet can recall.

Cockatiels start talking around eight months of age. If you start learning them before this age you’ll be able to learn more phrases and words and will eventually advance to more complex sounds.

They learn by repetition, and so repetition of words can help cockatiels comprehend what they’re hearing.

Male cockatiels are more likely to speak than females, however, they are all able to speak. If they are enjoying the process of learning Cockatiels are prone to repeat phrases and words.

Quaker Parrots

best beginner birds that talk

best beginner birds that talk

Quaker parrots are excellent talkers and imitate human sounds well.

A lot of Quakers learn by listening to their parents by making notes of the words they hear. They also learn about the words and phrases they find most intriguing.

If Quakers do not have a desire to talk and try talking, they’ll not speak. Because of this, it isn’t always the case that Quakers acquire talking skills.

Quaker parrots speak in chattering sounds, which can be like a radio that is playing in the background. They also talk clearly when they’d like to. Speaking indicates they’re content and relaxed, which is why it’s an optimistic sound.

Eclectus Parrots

what are the birds that talk

what are the birds that talk

Eclectus parrots rank in the top three species of parrots for their ability to talk.

They’re able to build a vocabulary of human speech and eventually get chatty once they’ve built an extensive vocabulary. They’re highly intelligent birds therefore they are well-suited to training.

Eclectus parrots can also be susceptible to self-destructive behavior such as feather plucking and destruction. The ability to speak can provide the mental stimulation they require to remain mentally healthy and reduces the chance of stress.

Develop your Eclectus bird while it’s still young or it might be vocal and loud.


bird that talks like a human

bird that talks like a human

Many cockatoos are master talking birds and are among the most vocal bird species.

There are many kinds of cockatoos. Although certain species are more effective than others, they can all learn new words and phrases through constant training at the age of a child.

Of all cockatoos, Galah Sulphur-crested cockatiels excel at imitating human speech. They can speak between 20 and 30 different words, especially those who frequently listen to radio or TV or converse with their owners.

They don’t have the greatest vocabulary of words when compared to other species of parrots. Cockatoos also squabble and speak phrases and words with no significance. This is because they can repeat what they hear.

If you own a cockatoo who has a problem with words, it is important to recognize that it will not be able to speak well.


birds for pets that can talk

birds for pets that can talk

Macaws have earned a reputation for their ability to mimic human speech. They can master up to 100 human terms and can even apply their words in context.

If you start training at an early age, macaws can begin speaking when they are the age of 4-5 months. However, they’ll develop their speaking abilities when they’re eight months old.

Macaws were removed from one English wildlife park for having cursed at visitors. Five parrots were confined in a single room, where they were believed to have been taught to each other swear words.

Because the staff was laughing at the behavior Macaws were encouraged by staff to encourage each other to swear more. The swearing never stopped the macaws, and staff brought them back for a look-see to amuse guests.

If you do get macaws, remember that they’re loud birds. They are noisy when they speak.#


cheapest bird that talks

cheapest bird that talks

If you’re thinking, “can budgies talk?” They’re able to boast an impressive vocabulary of words, despite their diminutive size.

They speak better than a lot of larger species of parrots. Certain budgies can learn up to 100 or even more words.

As per The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America Budgies possess a sophisticated, learning vocal repertoire that allows them to imitate words and phrases more effectively than the majority.

It may take some time for a budgie to learn to speak. Once they’ve learned some words, they’ll discover it is easier to expand their vocabulary.

Budgies of males are more adept in their communication skills than female budgies.

How To Train A Bird To Talk

Learning to speak with your bird is an enjoyable and rewarding experience. It does require lots of patience and time to be practiced consistently to achieve results.

The most important thing is to stay positive and not get discouraged if your bird does not mimic phrases and words at the speed you’d like. Some birds require more time than others.

You can teach your bird to fly using these steps:

Learn About Your Bird

If you’ve already completed your research and bought an animal that is capable of talking then you’re able to do this without a second thought.

But, learn more about the species of your bird to determine if it’s likely to imitate. If you’re dealing with a bird species that are not known for its skills at mimicking try other things with it instead.

Build a Relationship

Establishing a bond with your pet is the most effective way to aid it in learning. Birds with the ability to speak tend to be social animals who love to form connections with their owners.

When your bird is comfortable with you and is accustomed to your voice, it will be confident and comfortable with you to begin mimicking your words. To build trust:

  • Be sure to interact with your bird frequently
  • Create mental stimulation through games and toys
  • Take care of your bird each day
  • Offer sweets

Use Simple Words

Once you’ve established a connection to your pet, you can begin the process of training by speaking to it with simple words like:

  • “Hello”
  • “Night-night”
  • “Bye-bye”
  • “Okay”
  • “Pretty bird”

Keep the bird near your lips, ensuring that it is receiving your complete focus.

Repeat the phrase or word, saying it slowly clear, precise, and clear manner so that your bird can listen and understand. Make sure to only repeat this for a couple of minutes at a time, or your bird will get bored and uninterested.

Ensure Your Bird Has Fun

When you’re teaching your bird to speak, you can make it fun by offering treats and love to encourage the repetition of the word. Be careful not to reward your bird when it is unwilling to cooperate.

Provide your bird with a broad range of sounds to repeat to avoid boredom and fatigue. If you sing the phrase or word, the bird is more likely to mimic you.

Play Recordings

Another option is to record the words and phrases that you’d like to impart to your bird.

You can turn off the TV and radio to aid your bird to begin to comprehend words and sounds. Be careful not to keep them on for too long.

Don’t get angry with your bird. Certain birds pick phrases and words up much slower than other birds. Some do not even begin to speak. It all depends on the bird’s personality as well as your willingness to learn.

How Much Do Talking Birds Cost?

Indeed, owning the species of a mockingbird, raven, or crow with no permit is unlawful in every one of the US states. In any case, you’ll need the right reason to own one.

It’s not impossible, however, they’re not the most ideal pets due to their wild nature. The good thing is that talking parrots are readily available as pets and usually do great in the wild.

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