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Woodpeckers In Ohio From Common To Rare

woodpeckers in Ohio

Woodpecker species are well known for their brilliant colors, loud calls, and interesting feeding behaviors. There are about 400 woodpecker species in the world, and each one has its own unique features and habits. The woodpecker family includes both the true pecker and the ivory-billed woodpecker. These two species are very rare and difficult to see, and most people only know them by their loud calls.

Woodpeckers have been found in almost every continent except Antarctica. They prefer to live in moist forests, but they also like living in open areas and even urban areas. Woodpeckers use their beaks to eat insects, worms, seeds, fruits, and flowers.

The common name for the woodpecker family comes from their beaks, which are usually made of bone, wood, or ivory. A woodpecker’s beak is used to eat and clean out food items from insects, worms, and other insects.

The woodpecker family consists of about four genera: Hylocichla, Melanerpes, Picoides, and Picus. The common woodpecker is a member of the genus Picus, and the ivory-billed woodpecker is a member of the genus Melanerpes.

The woodpecker family is divided into subfamilies: Picinae, Piciminae, Campephilinae, and Melanerpetinae.

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Unique Features Of Woodpeckers

Woodpeckers are birds that love to peck on wood and leave behind a hole in the tree. They are very beneficial for the ecosystem as they keep the forest clean by eating insects and other pests.

These birds are very intelligent and can communicate with each other through pecking sounds. They can also communicate with humans and have been known to peck at electrical wires, car windows, and even people.

Woodpeckers have a unique beak that has an opening on both sides of their head. The beaks help them eat wood and bark by pecking the tree.

They can fly up to 50 miles per hour and can dive into the water to catch fish. They can also pick up and carry objects such as small rocks and pebbles.

                 Facts About Woodpeckers

Woodpecker Characteristics

Woodpecker Characteristics

woodpeckers in ohio

A woodpecker is a bird species with distinctive beaks and wings. It has a long tail and a large, rounded head with a short neck. The birds are found in Europe, Asia, and North America. The woodpecker is a bird that lives in trees and feeds on insects.

A woodpecker’s beak is made of hard keratin, similar to human fingernails. Its beak is sharp and strong. It helps the bird eat insects and other small animals.

Woodpeckers use their long tails to help them balance themselves while climbing and pecking. Their wings help them fly. Woodpeckers are also known as flickers because they often flit around their trees.

Woodpecker Diet

Woodpecker Diet

large woodpeckers in ohio

If you are a bird lover, you might be interested to learn about woodpeckers’ diet. Woodpeckers are known to eat a lot of insects and other small animals. These birds are very active during the day and are very noisy. They use their beaks to break down the tree bark to reach the insects that are living inside the trees.

Woodpeckers have a special diet that consists of insects, worms, and grubs. These insects and worms help the woodpecker maintain strong bones and muscles. They also help the woodpecker digest its food and maintain healthy digestion.

The diet of woodpeckers consists of three main items. These include insects, worms, and grubs.


Insects are one of the major components of the woodpecker diet. They are considered a very nutritious food for these birds. The insects are found in the bark of the trees and they feed on the insects that are living inside the tree.


Worms are also a part of the woodpecker diet. They eat the earthworms that are living in the soil.


Grubs are also another important component of the woodpecker diet. They are the larva of insects and worms. They are very tiny and they can be found in the soil.

Woodpecker Eggs

Woodpecker Eggs

pictures of woodpeckers in ohio

The woodpecker is a bird that lives in tropical forests. It has a long bill that it uses to feed on insects and fruit. Woodpeckers make nests in hollow trees or other cavities.

The woodpecker egg is the only bird egg that has a hole at the end. This hole is called a chink and is for ventilation. When the eggs hatch, the babies climb out and drop down onto the branch where they are fed by their parents.

Eggs are laid in the springtime. The female lays the eggs in a hole that she digs in the tree. She keeps the hole open with her beak so the babies can climb out.

Woodpecker Behavior

Woodpecker Behavior

woodpecker in ohio

Woodpeckers are very active birds. They use their strong bill to knock down trees. They hammer the tree and eat the insects that live in the wood. Woodpeckers build their nests in the hollows of dead trees. They lay eggs in the nest and raise their young. They use their bills to tap the trees to call out to each other and attract mates. They use their bills to knock down trees. They hammer the tree and eat the insects that live in the wood.

Woodpeckers use their bills to tap the trees to call out to each other and attract mates. They use their bills to knock down trees. They hammer the tree and eat the insects

Woodpecker Habits

Woodpecker Habits

Woodpecker Habits

Woodpeckers are among the most interesting birds. They are very interesting as well as amazing birds. They are very intelligent and clever birds. They can pick up a nut and carry it in their bill. Woodpecker is a bird that lives in the trees and is known to eat insects and worms. They can eat the insects that live in the bark of trees. They can also eat the grubs of insects that live in the ground. They can also eat the larvae of insects that live in the wood.

Woodpecker is one of the smartest birds. They can also recognize their mate by the calls and songs that they sing to each other. They can also make their nest in a tree that is suitable for them. They can also find a place that is near the river so that they can get water to drink. They can also find food for their chicks.

They can make their nest in a tree that is suitable for them. They can also find a place that is near the river so that they can get water to drink. They can also find food for their chicks.

             Species Of Woodpeckers In Ohio

Red-Bellied Woodpecker

Red-Bellied Woodpecker

woodpeckers in northeast ohio

  • Scientific name – Melanerpes carolinus
  • Lifespan – 12 years (maximum recorded)
  • Size – 9.5 in (24 cm)
  • Weight – 2.6 oz (73.5 g)
  • Wingspan – 16.5 in (42 cm)
  • Status – Least Concern

The Red-bellied woodpecker is one of the most common birds in North America. It is a medium-sized bird, measuring about 2.6 inches and (73.5 g)is. The male has a black head, neck, back, wings, and tail feathers. Its underbelly is white, and its upper parts are brownish-gray. Its bill is gray and red,

The female is similar in appearance to the male, but she lacks the red coloration on her bill.

Where Do They Live?

The Red-bellied woodpecker lives primarily in the eastern half of the United States, as well as southern Canada. It is found in the pine forests of the Appalachian Mountains, as well as in the coastal areas of Georgia, Florida, and the Carolinas.

What Do They Eat?

Red-bellied woodpeckers eat insects and spiders, fruits, berries, seeds, and nuts. They feed primarily at night.

How Do They Breed?

The Red-bellied woodpecker builds a nest by excavating a hole in a tree, usually in a pine tree. It uses twigs, pine needles, and bark to line the entrance to the nest.

The female lays 2 to 3 eggs at a time. She typically lays the eggs in early May and then incubates them for 14 days. The chicks hatch after another 11 days. The mother then takes care of the chicks for approximately one month.

The babies fledge at 22 to 25 days old.

Pileated Woodpecker

Pileated Woodpecker

woodpecker species in ohio

  • Scientific name – Dryocopus pileatus
  • Lifespan – 12 years (maximum recorded)
  • Size – 44,5 cm (17,5 in)
  • Weight – 11 oz (300 g)
  • Wingspan – 28 in (70.5 cm)

The pileated woodpecker is a large bird found in North America. The woodpeckers are known for their loud drumming sound. These birds are also called pileated woodpeckers because of the piles on their heads. They are also called flammulated woodpeckers because of their black-and-white coloration.

Pileated woodpeckers are mostly found in boreal forests. They nest in holes excavated by wood-boring insects. The holes are typically located on dead trees. They lay 3-4 eggs in each hole and the eggs take about a week to hatch. The pileated woodpecker is a species of bird that is found in the United States. The name of the bird is Pileated Woodpecker.

Its plumage is mostly black with white stripes extending from the face down either side of the throat and a dark red crest. Males have a red stripe running down the throat.
The beak is very sharp and long. The wings of the bird are long and are used for flying. The tail of the bird is long and is used for balance. The bird is approximately 1.2 meters in length.

Downy Woodpecker

Downy Woodpecker

woodpeckers in ohio images

  • Scientific name – Dryobates pubescens
  • Lifespan – 2 years (average) 11 years (maximum recorded)
  • Size – 6.3 in (16 cm)
  • Weight – 26.5 g (0.9 oz)
  • Wingspan – 11 in (28 cm)
  • Status – Least concern

This woodpecker is an omnivore and insect eater, and its diet includes ants, beetles, bugs, caterpillars, grasshoppers, flies, spiders, wasps, and termites. It eats these insects in trees or shrubs, or on the ground, often with its bill extended, and sometimes while in flight. It also uses its strong feet to dig for grubs and larvae in wood or soil.

Hairy Woodpecker

Hairy Woodpecker

are woodpeckers protected in ohio

  • Scientific name – Leuconotopicus villosus
  • Lifespan – 15 years (maximum recorded)
  • Size – 8.6 in (22 cm)
  • Weight – 2.4 oz (67 g)
  • Wingspan – 14.5 in (37 cm)
  • Status – Least concern

The Hairy Woodpecker is a large woodpecker found in the United States, Canada, and Mexico. It is known for its distinctive call and for feeding on ants. Its scientific name is Melanerpes formicivorus.

The Hairy Woodpecker is – 8.6 in (22 cm) in length range and Females are slightly smaller than males. The Hairy Woodpecker has a strong, sharp bill, and the tail is short and pointed.

Hairy Woodpeckers feed on ants, termites, and beetles. It is most active during the day, although it is most likely to be seen in the evening and early morning hours. It eats insects that are collected from trees and shrubs.

Red-Headed Woodpecker

Red-Headed Woodpecker

blue woodpeckers in ohio

  • Scientific name – Melanerpes erythrocephalus
  • Lifespan – 3 years (average) 9 years (maximum recorded)
  • Size – 8.6 in (22 cm)
  • Weight – 2.7 oz (76 g)
  • Wingspan – 16.7 in (42.5 cm)
  • Status – Least concern

The red-headed woodpecker is a very interesting bird species found in North America. It has a big head and a long tail. Its color is reddish-brown.

There are two subspecies of this bird: the red-headed woodpecker and the red-crowned woodpecker.

The Red-headed Woodpecker has a longer beak than the other species of woodpeckers. It has a long, narrow, stiff bill with a large knob at the tip.

The Red-crowned Woodpecker is smaller and has a shorter beak than the red-headed woodpecker.

The Red-headed woodpecker is a cavity nester. It lives in the hollows of trees and builds its nest in the crooks of branches and trunks.

It is active during the day and usually feeds on insects.

The Red-headed woodpecker has a wide range. It occurs in most parts of the United States and Canada.


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