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Small Yellow Birds

American Goldfinch

black and yellow small bird

black and yellow small bird

Small Yellow Birds “I took this picture of a male American goldfinch in my backyard in Foley, Minnesota. The goldfinch is one of the small yellow birds that made me awestruck by bird watching!” says Sara Wunderlich. Here’s how you can draw more goldfinches into your backyard.

Yellow Warbler

small black bird with yellow on wings

Small Yellow Birds

“One of the things that I enjoy most about Wisconsin is the diversity of birds that flock in the springtime during migration. Warblers are a joy to look at. They are tiny and beautiful white warblers are gorgeous and I’ve never been able to get enough photos of them.” Michelle Nyss says.

Prothonotary Warbler

small yellow bird with black wings

small yellow bird with black wings

“It was a pleasant surprise to be able to see a protonotary warbler at the beginning of spring here in Ontario. Usually, I drive a long distance to spot these small yellow birds. This is among my favorites warblers as well as an amazing record to be seen in my region,” says Trisha Snider. Take a look at other spring warblers that you must know about.

Female Summer Tanager

small bird with yellow belly

small bird with a yellow belly

“The female summer tanager visits our backyard for mealworms,” writes William Palmer. Females are small yellow birds, in contrast to the male’s red. Find out 8 interesting facts about Tanagers.

Western Tanager

small bird with yellow breast

small bird with yellow breast

“I snapped this picture of a western Tanager in spring of 2020. I just purchased the birdbath, and I am extremely happy that I took the time to do it! It captured the tiny yellow bird’s reflection beautifully. It’s a sweetie!” says Sylvia Hooper.

Yellow-Headed Blackbird

small black white and yellow bird

small black white and yellow bird

” I took this photo of a blackbird with a yellow head in the reeds on the shores of Patterson Lake near Dickinson, North Dakota. I like to listen to these birds, both black and yellow, sing, and to see how the yellow head appears when I’m searching at them,” states Albert Myran. These images will alter how you view blackbirds.

Yellow-Throated Vireo

small black and white striped bird with yellow throat

small black and white striped bird with a yellow throat

The bright yellow eyering, throat, and breast of this vireo are distinct. The wings feature a grayish-black color with two white, bold wing bars. The young birds are like adults, but they’re lighter yellow.


small black bird with yellow stripe on wing

small black bird with a yellow stripe on the wing

“During the summer months, my husband and I visited the Retzer Nature Center in Waukesha, Wisconsin. Walking along the stunning trails, a variety of birds sang like this male dickcissel that was adorning the yellow flower” declares Evelyn Johnson. Find out more about the most popular songbirds in America.

Evening Grosbeak

small bright yellow bird

small bright yellow bird

It is easy to identify the evening grosbeak by its large beak with a greenish-white color, gold, and gray feathers as well as black-and-white wings. Find five grosbeaks birders in the backyard need to know.

Common Yellowthroat

small bird with yellow chest in florida

small bird with a yellow chest in Florida

“The birds of paradise plants were blooming in full force when we were on vacation at San Diego in early December. When I was photographing hummingbirds enjoying the blossoms, I noticed typical yellowthroats taking advantage of the nectar,” says Janat Montag.

Wilson’s Warbler

small blue bird with yellow chest

small blue bird with a yellow chest

“This was an amazing moment when I was able to capture the image of a Wilson’s Warbler trying to deliver food to its young. Four mouths had to be fed!” says Dennis Rashe.

“For the past 2 years, Palm warblers have been spotted within the same Norway spruces that are about 15 feet away from my patio. It’s amazing since I’ve never had the pleasure of seeing such a small yellow bird before!” Says Trish Overton.

Magnolia Warbler

small gray and yellow bird

small gray and yellow bird

Nancy Tully shared this photo of a stunning magnolia warbler. This tiny bird sports an attractive yellow breast and a Black “necklace” on its throat. It’s a good thing we offer warbler migration advice for all birders.

Nashville Warbler

small grey bird with yellow breast

small grey bird with yellow breast

“I saw. this amazing Nashville warbler perched on my backyard cherry tree during spring. It’s very special to me since I reside in the suburbs and rarely see warblers migrating in my yard.” declares Andy Raupp of Elgin, Illinois.

Pine Warbler

small black bird with yellow beak

small black bird with a yellow beak

“I captured this image of the pine warbler that I have at my home at Oshkosh, Wisconsin. The pine warblers are at our suet feeders for only one or two days each spring. After approximately 45 minutes of being still, I took this stunning photo.” adds Mark Benson.

Hooded Warbler

small black bird yellow beak

small black bird yellow beak

“Every spring, my husband and I make trips to the Kanawha State Forest near Charleston, West Virginia, to seek out-migrating warblers. In April this year, we made our normal excursion and were able to witness and hear this gorgeous male hooded warbler wandering around in a patch of briars near. The small yellow bird paused long enough to allow me to snap many photographs before leaving,” says Teresa McClung. Look over 10 of the birds which resemble orioles.


small black white and yellow bird

small black white and yellow bird

“My little verdin is my way of giving me some respite from the doves and quails within my Arizona backyard birding! He appears in spring when my Palo Verdes are in full yellow bloom. He’s an active voiced bird” Says Daniella Meyer. Learn about these bird species that inhabit the deserts of The Southwest.

Townsend Warbler

small yellow bird in michigan

small yellow bird in Michigan

“I think the Townsend warbler to be a fascinating bird. The black and yellow lines on the bird’s face seem like masks. It’s difficult to take images of tiny birds however this one appeared to be posing,” says Frank Lussier. Take a look at the top hot spots for warblers to visit this spring.

Female American Redstart

small yellow bird missouri

small yellow bird Missouri

“I was outside in my backyard snapping pictures of birds in the fall last year and this male American redstart was seen at my fountain. The bird was thrilled to be able to see water and kept moving between the fountains, blowing her tail feathers and trying to be brave enough to dive into the pool,” Says Linda Peterson. Females are tiny gray and yellow birds. The males are black and reddish-orange.

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